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    Our Vision

    Smart Subscriptions

    Bundant guarantees spot-on quantities. Our sensors optimize your subscriptions, avoiding excess or shortages.

    Smart Savings

    Subscribe based on your actual usage for accurate deliveries and unlock loyalty discounts with top brands.

    Smart Planet

    Bundant’s automation reduces manufacturers’ overproduction, making it easy to live sustainably.

    Our Team

    Ike the Founder of Bundant

    Ike Cooke


    From banker to design engineer to busy parent of two under two, Ike is our very own Home Captain. Her keen eye for design is shaping Bundant into a powerhouse where innovation meets community. Welcome aboard!

    Pedro Jurado, Bundant Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    Pedro Jurado

    Tech Wizard

    Pedro has come a long way since hot-wiring his first computer at age 9. He is the brain behind Bundant’s predictive algorithms, seamless data integration, and groundbreaking app.

    Ben Rossi, Bundant Founders Associate

    Ben Rossi

    Swiss Army Knife

    In a previous life, Ben sold bags, and now he effortlessly switches between roles at Bundant— design, marketing and even spreadsheets. If you receive a cool email from us, know that Ben’s creative touch is behind it.

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